Episode 71: Going Pro - Adopting Components of Elite Behavior


No doubt, you listen to this podcast because you are a high-performer in all areas of your life. Some of you may even be seeking the highest level of performance as a triathlete…You want to go pro.

Remember, there is a critical divergence between performance at a high-level and going pro. As a time-starved athlete, your mission is to integrate sport into your big life and around the important non-negotiables of work and family commitments.

A professional athlete, however, must be selfish and unapologetic around their quest for performance. To put it another way, they integrate life around their sport.

The journey of a pro is hard…very hard, but there are key takeaways for all of us here. You don’t have to be a pro athlete to embrace pro habits and characteristics into your daily life. The heart of this episode is built upon personal growth and development.

By adopting the characteristics and behaviors of a pro into your life, you set yourself up for long-term progression, improvement, and resilience. You become willing to receive feedback and adapt to an ever-changing landscape, and you embrace habits and traits around a value system that ultimately make you indispensable.

What could be more PRO than that?

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Key components of elite behavior

  • What it means to be a pro in both sport and life

  • Quick tips to become a professional triathlete

  • How you can develop from a good coach to a great coach

  • How can you become a pro team member


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