Purple Patch Squad


Purple Patch Squad


Squad programming is designed specifically for the needs of the time-starved athlete seeking performance gains in the context of the chaos of life. The program utilizes the same Purple Patch Pillars of Performance methodology that has enabled the success of the Purple Patch athletes over the last decade.

Program Framework

All of your Purple Patch training includes scaled workouts that adapt to the demands of your life. Scaled workouts enable you to shorten a session based on time available, or adjust for ability in swimming, biking and running and current fitness levels. Your Squad programming is delivered via Today’s Plan. Today’s Plan is a powerful, easy-to-use platform that allows you to receive your training, manage your schedule, and track subjective and objective training data on your mobile device or computer.

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Baseline Plan: The Baseline Plan is the backbone of your training for the year. It follows the same phases of training as the Purple Patch San Francisco Squad. The plan enables your progression and long-term development and provides a springboard for the specific demands of your key events throughout the year.

  • Your Baseline Plan is incrementally delivered in two-week blocks and is continuously updated. The key swim, bike, run, and functional strength sessions align with the workouts that Matt Dixon designs for the in-person San Francisco squad.

  • You are in control of your training load. The system provides a Baseline Plan, outlining the central focus for each week. With all sessions set up to scale, it is simple to always progress and be successful no matter how crazed life gets.

  • The Baseline Plan creates a strong progression of fitness and development and is perfect for athletes who do not race and simply want the fitness and health benefits of multi-sport training. You don’t have to be chasing race performance to thrive.


Race Build Plans:  While all athletes want to improve, all have different goals; so you must train for the specific demands of your goal events. This means you will periodically depart from the baseline plan and ramp into your key race.

  • Upon joining the Squad, you have instant access to a comprehensive library of specific Race Build Plans. The Olympic, 70.3, and full IRONMAN Race Build Plans are all built by Matt Dixon. They will guide you day by day into your key goal races and events.

  • Your Race Build Plans are delivered in the same format as your baseline plan. The programming will feel familiar, but is different in that it is designed to align with your racing level, time available to train, and the distance of your key race.

  • Each Race Build Plan includes integrated recovery programming following the race. After you complete the recovery programming, you rejoin the Baseline Plan and continue on the journey with the Squad.

Synchronized Education and Training

An educated athlete is an empowered athlete which is why education is at the heart of every Purple Patch athlete’s program. Every workout includes a brief video tutorial from Matt Dixon to explain the purpose of the session, how to best execute the session, and tips for navigating common mistakes and pitfalls within sessions.

  • Integrated videos: Each Baseline Plan and Race Build training session comes with a short video. We want you to understand the “why” behind the prescription of the session, and we want you to execute each session as intended.

  • Timely and synchronized education designed specifically for Race Build Plans. As you head toward race day, you will receive tips and education to help you plan for and execute your best race.

  • We hold you accountable.  We understand life gets busy, but if you miss too much training or go quiet on us, we will be checking in too see if you need assistance and ensure all is on track.

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Education Hub Access: ($25 per month value) We filter through the noise of the constant information barrage related to athletic performance, from new fads to debunking long-standing fallacies, so you don’t have to.

  • The Education Hub gives you access to in-depth videos and written education on all aspects of athletic performance. We think you will find our library is perfectly curated for the time-starved athlete.

  • We don’t do quackery, nor do we aim for short-term fixes. We curate our educational content to facilitate positive habit evolution and long-term performance gains.

Structured Workouts

A structured workout is a method of writing a workout so it can sync with smart training devices like Zwift, Trainerroad, and Garmin. This feature is a core component of the Squad programming to help you feel like you are receiving true, guided training from Matt Dixon no matter where you live in the world.  


Our Structured Workouts are specifically designed to:

  • Integrate with all of your favorite training devices and apps (Garmin, Zwift, Trainerroad, etc.).

  • Feel just like being in class with Matt Dixon. The bike trainer sessions include embedded coaching cues and technique reminders to ensure you remain present in training and execute with purpose. Your smart trainer will control your experience.

  • Include personal performance prescription. Each indoor trainer session includes power, pace, heart rate, and cadence (rpm) to align with descriptions of how the effort should feel.

  • Track your data which enables subjective and objective data uploads for analysis and tracking over time.

Training Management

Life is not a spreadsheet.  We have developed the Squad programming to be flexible and scalable to synchronize with the unpredictability of life commitments and stress. The Squad programming puts you in control of your training schedule and allows you to navigate your progression around the demands of life.

  • Move the performance needle.  Your weekly training sessions are designated in priority to ensure you understand the purpose and goal of each session and are equipped to hit the key sessions in each week.

  • Click and drag your workouts to fit your life.  Using the Today’s Plan click-and-drag workout feature, you can easily manage your training schedule and load to align with life’s changing commitments and schedule.

  • Manage your training load.  Every workout has integrated options and coaching direction to reduce training load, without losing the purpose of the session, if you are time-starved or navigating fatigue. Or maybe you need more?  Not a worry, it is easy to add training load by adding optional supporting workouts from your training library of workouts.

  • Ride your bike inside or outside. To suit your available time, the key bike workouts include options for both outdoor and indoor trainer-based riding.

  • Your training is at your finger tips.  Keep track of training via your desktop, training app, or daily email workout reminders.

Purple Patch Pillars of Performance Tracking

A key component of your long-term success is to come up a level and gain some perspective.  Your Squad programming empowers you to keep a clear journal and picture of your execution and performance training.


  • Daily workout metrics:  Easily analyze your progression, training load, and sessions completed.

  • Daily subjective monitoring:  Align quantitative performance data with the qualitative measurements of fatigue, mood, soreness, and other important elements.

  • Long-term tracking and analysis: Utilize the power of Today’s Plan tool to review and track both subjective and objective measurements over the duration of your performance journey.

Your Squad Membership Also Includes:


Twice-Weekly Office Hours

Join a video meeting with Purple Patch coaches, Squad Managers, and your teammates to ask any question about your training, performance, and plan.

If you cannot attend live — submit questions in advance — as we record these sessions for later review.


Meetings with Matt

Attend bi-monthly, interactive video conference calls with Matt Dixon. Matt will cover a specific performance topic at each session. Submit your training questions ahead of time, or attend live, and have Matt answer them.

All Meetings with Matt sessions are recorded and accessible in our Education Hub.


Personal Support and Customization Add-Ons

At any point in your Squad training, if you want more coaching support or customization to your programming, you can book a 30-minute consult with one of our coaches. Our coaches will help you adjust your program.

Fee: $50 per 30-minute consult