Purple Patch Squad


We know that optimal performance occurs when you commit to consistent, progressive training over time. Here at Purple Patch, we are bringing this to life in a powerful, easy-to-use way with the Purple Patch Squad.

The Purple Patch Squad is not triathlon coaching, yet this product goes far beyond a stock training plan or PDF. This product is a fresh take on remote triathlon training and education which puts you in control to easily integrate training with the variable stressors and demands in life. You will follow detailed, purposeful triathlon programming and education year around, while also preparing specifically for your key races in Short Course, Half IRONMAN or IRONMAN via Race Build plans.

Purple Patch Squad guides you on every step of your journey so your training is not a shot in the dark - but a journey to your best performance in sport and life.

Who is the Purple Patch Squad for?

  • Time-starved triathletes who want to improve their performance without sacrificing health, work, and quality of life

  • Triathletes who believe in Matt Dixon’s proven Purple Patch coaching methodology

  • Triathletes who are ready to move beyond pulling a training plan from a book but are not ready to invest in 1:1 Coaching

  • Triathletes who want to be surrounded by a community of fun, like-minded athletes

  • Triathletes who want to take ownership of their training program and are willing to be an active participant in the training

How is Squad different?

  • Purple Patch is open to athletes worldwide. Whether you are racing for a podium spot or training for the joy of it, the scaled workouts and programming are designed to help you reach your potential.

  • Purple Patch Squad brings smart, purposeful training to your fingertips in an easy to use frictionless way. From registration through plan delivery, we will make your remote training experience easy and fun.

  • Unlike PDF race plans, Squad programming is scalable and tailored by you to fit your abilities in each discipline of the sport and your life schedule.

  • The mission of Purple Patch Fitness is to empower and educate every athlete to reach their athletic potential, so Squad comes with free access to our valuable and sought after Education Hub product.  We want to make you a smarter athlete. Your education offers both high-level fitness education as well as how to apply the Purple Patch Pillars of performance to specific workouts.

  • Each of your Squad training sessions comes with embedded with videos that explain each training session’s work. We believe if you understand the meaning behind the session, you will train more effectively and efficiently.

  • Part of what makes Purple Patch unique is our community.   Being on Squad encourages you to connect with like-minded athletes, share your race stories, and find support as a member of the Purple Patch family.

You don’t do this sport to walk around in a fog of fatigue. You do it to live more fully!  We will help you shine!


Upcoming Squad Events

With only a little over 8 weeks since joining Purple Patch, I was able to not only met my goal time but also
set a new PR by 8 minutes.
— Ted, Purple Patch Athlete