Episode 70: Pills, Thrills and Bellyaches


Where do supplements, pills, powders and the like fit in the spectrum of your performance evolution? Are they a key catalyst to performance, or a bunch of voodoo and empty promises designed only to drain your wallet?

Matt dives into the nooks and crannies of performance trickery and supplementation - the big promises of maximizing performance gains through supplements, treatments, and interventions.

There is a veritable gray zone between medicine and coaching, and this episode bridges that murky gap to provide an information filter and appropriate lens when it comes to supplementation. He details:

  • Factors to consider when taking supplements

  • How and when to supplement

  • Which supplements may actually be useful and beneficial in your daily life

The mission of this episode is to simplify and help you focus on what is important. At most, the supplements you take should be a shelf in your cabinet and not the whole cabinet.

If you want performance, health, longevity, sex drive and all of the other promised results from charlatans — it is not coming in a pill. The bedrock of success sits in the fundamentals and, as always, nailing the basics.

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