Episode 72: Effective Communication in Coaching and Leadership

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Effective communication is not just about getting your message across or making your point. It also isn’t just about being a keyboard assassin and sitting at your computer or firing off emails to your athletes or employees.

Effective communication empowers the athlete or employee to execute as intended, to believe in the path forward, and have clarity in actions needed for success.  

What are these key principles of communication that enable a real coaching relationship to flourish? How can you adapt your communication style to establish trust and confidence? Matt investigates in this week’s episode. 


  • Defines effective communication across all spectrums

  • Explores the central principles for coaching success

  • Dissects a real-life example of how coaching and communication can and should evolve

  • Outlines his Top 10 components of effective coaching communication

The goal? Set you on a path to evolve your leadership style and ultimately become a more effective communicator.

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