The Dixon-ary

Founder and Head Coach, Matt Dixon, has a unique library of terms. We thought we’d help translate with a “Dixon-ary” to provide definitions and common usage of key Purple Patch words and phrases.

purple patch

A period of excellent performance, where nearly everything seems to go right, work properly, and contrasting with a more general lower level of performance.

“It's no wonder I PR'd. I prepared properly, executed and just fell into a purple patch.”

Impress me, don't depress me.

Said before the big main set or tough interval.

“COME ON! Impress me, don't depress me!” 

This is the beginning of the end.

The start of the final interval.

“Here we are... this is the beginning of the end.”

donkey dipped in cement

When your running form falls apart due to mechanical and muscular fatigue, and you lose efficiency and speed.”

“You aren't holding proper form! You look like a donkey dipped in cement!”

fit and fresh

When you arrive at a race feeling prepared and energized

“He arrived at his race prepared and well-rested, he was fit and fresh.”

it's emotional

Get on with it, YOU can do it.

“This session is a tough one, by the time you get to the end... finish strong, it's emotional!”

monkey's knuckle

The last interval of a main set.

“Here comes the Monkey’s Knuckle, leave nothing on the table!”

pork chop paradise

When you are working really hard.

“These hill repeats are likely to place you in a Pork chop Paradise.”

smoking jackets

When things are smooth and easy.

“As we’re wrapping up a recovery week, ensure it’s a smoking jacket Sunday ride.”

“Alright, put on your smoking jackets today. Don’t be a hero.”

strong like bull, smart like tractor

Someone who trains super hard without purpose or direction.

“Steven always gets caught up in the pack, he’s strong like bull, smart like tractor.”

suffering like a rented mule

Self explanatory

“You went out far too strong, you came home suffering like a rented mule.”


No more conservative approach, let it fly!

“Release the guv'nor!”

the hat of justice

A towel placed on Matt’s head that renders him completely impartial and allows him to make non-biased judgments of one’s performance.

“Time for an honest assessment of that effort, on with the hat of justice.”


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