Episode 69: Rethink Your Training Recipe - A Purple Patch Performance Intervention

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Do you need a training intervention?

While people seem to be more aware of the cumulative effects of training stress and the need to integrate training into their lives with a pragmatic approach, it still seems that confusion reigns among those who are simply checking the boxes.

This week, by request, Matt presents two important case studies for the time-starved athlete. He digs in on the training landscape of these two individuals and, while they may be training for the same race distance, have employed two very different approaches. 

Within the discussion, Matt dissects:

  • Classic mistakes many time-starved athletes face

  • How to adapt your training to fit into your time-starved life

  • The need for recovery and how to integrate it within training

  • How to optimize the training hours that you do have

  • Types of workouts that may be beneficial for time-starved athletes 

This mission of this episode? Clear up the confusion and give you the courage to to simplify and make bold decisions to create a runway to success. 


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