Episode 68: Successful Management of Travel and Training


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Matt Dixon and Purple Patch were recently featured on CNN with an in-depth piece on Managing Travel. View that story HERE and look for it at airports across the country. 


Travel can be a corrosive experience, carrying an emotional, physical and hormonal toll that has a great impact on your training ability, as well as the ability to recover.

The biggest mistake many of us make is to disregard the negative stressors of travel, and simply cram in, or make up missed sessions, without any focus on the management of the schedule to synchronize with the unavoidable effect of travel plans.

The goal of managing travel, therefore, isn’t about making performance gains as much as it is about retaining consistency and maintaining your current level of fitness. Quite simply? You have to develop an athletic mindset in order to manage travel.

Whether you are traveling for work, leisure or an event, Matt offers useful tips to help you manage the stress of travel in four key areas:

  • Before Travel - Set Yourself Up for Success

  • During Travel - How to Minimize Stress

  • Arrival at Your Destination

  • Training Management - What Should Your Approach Be?

Integrate these little tricks with travel, and you will be sure to limit potential damage and allow for consistency in your training.