Episode 67: Are You Change-able?


Change is hard.

Most people are not naturally adaptable at thriving in a changing environment and they will lean into familiarity even if that familiarity isn’t positive.

Think about it. Most of us like to sink into a familiar couch or slip on a pair of comfortable shoes, even if we are allured by the concept of change.

There is nothing wrong with this except that it isn’t the world we live in.  It also isn’t realistic if we are stretching the bounds of our own performance.  

Remember our Purple Patch saying: Evolve or die.

By definition, this is change.  I believe it is critical to grow and improve, but you must become equipped and familiar to adjust, adapt and, yes, change.  

In this episode, Matt defines the characteristics of becoming change-able from the lens of both the coach (or leader) and the athlete (or employee).

  • How do you enact positive change and get buy-in from your athlete or employee?

  • How do you both adapt the best mindset and practices when inevitable change happens?

  • How can you become resilient and equipped to thrive within change?

Sameness is staleness.  Rather than allowing fear and lack of understanding dominate your mindset, view change as a chance for growth and new potential. 

Becoming change-able is ultimately a way to shine.