What are you training for?

What's happening at Purplepatch?

This month purplepatch fitness has been focusing on the concept of the ‘busy athlete’, managing work, family, social life (probably all of the above!) with endurance training. We’ve featured advice and tips for achieving balance as well as sharing stories of athletes integrating training into work schedules that include odd shifts, early mornings and lots of travel.
At purplepatch, we talk a lot about athlete progression, whether it’s making progress throughout the season as you transition through the various phases of training, or from year to year, as each athlete evolves their command of the sport. With the professional athletes, Matt Dixon maps out a multi-year progression focused on achieving their long-term goals.
May is the month that we’re focusing on the ‘Busy Athlete’ at purplepatch fitness, sharing knowledge and insights on integrating endurance training into life without overwhelming it… and without losing sleep! Earlier this week, we shared five of our favorite ‘life hacks’ - tips and tricks to help you manage training within the context of your work, family and your social obligations. Here are five more ideas that could help you save time, stay organized and complete your training without feeling frazzled.