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What's happening at Purplepatch?

Our theme this month is the “busy athlete” and there’s no better way to illustrate the purplepatch methodology for managing around a complex schedule to help an athlete realize a dream, than to profile one of our own athletes.
This month’s theme is “the busy athlete”, which is a bit of an oxymoron since I challenge you to find anyone that claims they’re “not busy”.  Throw training for swimbikerun into the mix and many triathletes are juggling a fairly hectic schedule. At purplepatch fitness, we encourage athletes that it is completely possible to maintain balance in their busy lives, even in pursuit of personal triathlon goals.  
Multiple days of “all triathlon, all the time” could be your idea of heaven… or perhaps hell ;) … but there’s no mistaking the value of an immersive triathlon camp experience where learning and practice go hand in hand across the triathlon disciplines of swim, bike and run.