What are you training for?

What's happening at Purplepatch?

Up until last year, I did not pay any serious thought as to how I was riding my bike, in spite of my reputation as a strong age-group cyclist.  Thankfully, a revamped bike fit and some skill development work with purplepatch bike guru, Paul Buick, launched me into a season of bike PRs without increasing my power output.
We are excited to announce our next installment of the San Francisco Mini Camps.  The an immersive training schedule designed by Matt Dixon; centers around the purplepatch Pillars of Performance, you will receive thorough education, skill development and training in all disciplines of triathlon, along with attention to nutrition, functional strength, training and race planning, as well as many other areas.
While at this three day cycling immersive camp, you receive advice on  posture on the bike, cornering, hills, rolling terrain and descending. In addition we will cover open water swimming. The camp also will include educational sessions focusing on women’s specific nutrition and wellness topics from local experts, as well as Q&A panel with some of the purplepatch professional athletes.