Episode 65: Managing Failure, A Part of the Journey to the Best Version of Yourself


It is inevitable. You cannot escape failure. Ups and downs are a part of the performance journey in work, sport, family, and life.

What happens when things don’t go well? How do you bounce back? Most importantly, how do you set your mindset up ahead of time to give you resilience and the framework to come out of these inevitable failures? Remember, when things don’t go well, you’re no less of a high performer and, guess what? You’re still the same person as you were before. Failure doesn’t define you as an athlete or a human being; in fact, it’s part of your complex tapestry. 

Failure and losses provide answers to the success puzzle and, if you remain objective and if you retain a thirst for learning, these performances can offer insight on where you might have gone wrong or what you need to work on to thrive.

Matt dives into these lessons, recommendations, and opportunities for growth in failure or poor performance.

You may have failed in your goal, but you’re not a failure. In fact, managing disappointment is the most crucial part of the journey to becoming the best version of yourself

Kim Kisslo