Episode 64: Thriving in Work and Life - Become a Better Version of You


You are not a Swiss watch and your coach is not a watchmaker. 

In this episode, Matt redefines "specificity in your training" to unshackle you from the pretense of precision. In fact, a focus on precision in every session is a slippery slope that leads to obsession, paralysis of analysis, erosion of confidence, and an over reliance on metrics.

You can, however, gain specificity without being precise and if it is done right, it means you don’t have to obsess over every detail to get wonderful and lasting results in sport and life.

Stop searching for daily performance treasures. Don’t become so analytical in every session and realize that it’s normal to have a bunch of ordinary (and maybe even a few catastrophic days) sprinkled in with some pretty darn good ones.

Give yourself permission to realize that precision doesn’t make performance.

Great performances are earned from a healthy dose of consistency, specific training progressed over time, and patience...a whole lot of it. 

Kim Kisslo