Episode 29: Best of The Purple Patch Podcast


Matt is on vacation, so he put together a “Best of” Series from the initial month of the podcast. It’s a taste of the key highlights of lessons and takeaways from episodes so far this year.

Episode Highlights:

1:20- 4:55 Performance in a Time-Starved Life

Hear Matt’s introduction on achieving performance in a time-starved life and the four magic words for a successful training recipe: specificity, consistency, progression, and patience.

4:57- 12:16 Sami Inkinen, Virta Health

Matt and Sami discuss the key elements of training in context of Sami’s time-starved Life and how he achieves successful performance in both the workplace and sport.

12:20- 18:38 Dr. Chris Winter, MD, Author of the Book, The Sleep Solution

Matt and Dr. Winter discuss the influence of good sleep on global performance and the benefits and reward system for getting good sleep. 

18:43-23:55 Steve Magnus, Co-Author of the Book, Peak Performance

There are two big takeaways from this discussion: What are the mistakes that athletes make during training and, conversely,  what are some of the positive supporting habits they possess?

24:00-31:00 31 Brad Stulberg, Co-Author of the Book, Peak Performance

A discussion of the words, “Balance,” “Excellence” and the importance of seeking joy in your training.

31:05-42:20 Jesse Thomas, Pro Triathlete

Matt goes deep into conversation where Jesse talks about the new phase of his career and how he structures training around work, family, and a busy time-starved life.

42:25-49:40 Lars Tandrup, Purple Patch Athlete

Lars Tandrup lost everything in the Santa Rosa fires and he talks openly about what’s important in his life now and how his endurance mindset has actually helped him through this difficult period.

49:47-1:10:02 Kyla Channell, Purple Patch Resident Nutritionist

This was a hot topic and two of our most popular episodes. Matt talks with Kyla Channell. We talk about hydration and nutrition, as it pertains to both daily life and training.

1:10:10 Matt’s Wrap Up