Episode 30: How Jesse Thomas Found his Purple Patch at Challenge Roth


This episode is a triathlon strategist’s dream come true!

Matt opens the lid on the coaching mindset as he dissects the planning and performance journey of Jesse Thomas’s successful podium finish at the recent Challenge Roth.

When great performances happen, especially with elite and professional athletes, most people assume it’s simply a result of some herculean amount of training that always had a perfect rhythm and flow. The truth is, triathlon training in a time-starved life is seldom that.

This is Matt’s personal case study of how he approached Jesse’s entire season and the lead-up to this “A” Race. Matt offers his in-depth thoughts, strategies, and even training sessions that went into this non-traditional approach to Ironman training.

You’ll, no doubt, absorb a few key lessons along the way centered around:

  • The importance of taking a break

  • Why you don’t always train just for the demands of the event

  • Why your training should have crystal clear clarity and purpose on every session and every day

  • Why you should remain flexible and not reliant on a static program that is based on a certain number of hours per week

  • The value of long-term coaching

In laying this out, you will hopefully be able to draw the lines between his experiences and your own journey of performance.