Episode 44: Take a Break, But Don't Be a Post-Season Sloth


To evolve and improve long-term REQUIRES blocks of serious rejuvenation and rest.

In work, sport and life, it is impossible to optimize performance if you never get off the hamster wheel. Quite simply - to grow requires rest.

But, how exactly should you integrate blocks of rejuvenation without throwing away all of the blocks of solid training in the last months?

In this episode, Matt talks about the dangers and pitfalls of an "all in" or "all out" attitude. He also stresses the benefits that a short break can have on post-season training. 

  • Why do you need breaks both physically and emotionally?

  • How exactly should you approach a season break?

  • What can you expect from a short break away from training?

  • What exactly is post-season and what type of training should you do when your next race is still months away?

  • Should you expect dips in fitness? 

  • Why are scheduled breaks so hard for athletes to embrace?

  • Why shouldn't you turn into a sloth for a few months?

Remember, life is not a hamster wheel. In the cycle of performance, you want long-term development, but you also need time to rest, rebuild and continue to develop technically.

Scheduled breaks are the first step in a new progression, just don't turn into a sloth!

Matt has put together a video that explains the Purple Patch season planning methodology, specifically the endurance training component and how we can help you develop your best season of performance. Visit https://purplepatchfitness.com/seasonplanning to unlock the video.