Episode 36: A Championship Mindset


“The best success you can have in any race is knowing that you remained open to performance and that when you crossed the line, you took all the steps in your control and ability to maximize your performance.”

This is a true Championship Mindset. 

Speaking of, Best of luck to those athletes heading to the 70.3 World Championships in South Africa. A World Championship. Wow!

For some, it will be a celebration of being present, and they simply hope for the best. For others, there is an ambition to create a massive personal performance that can project themselves onto the podium.

Regardless of your "main event," you will arrive with the physical resources that you have, and you have to set yourself up with the best performance you can have on that day. 

How do you achieve this? Today, Matt breaks it down in a few categories -- to help promote a positive mindset and enable you to free your body to do what it is prepared to do. 

By focusing on planning, mindset prior and execution, the chances of you having your best performance is at its best.

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