Episode 37: Muscle Cramps in Training and Racing

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Cramping is a frustrating part of endurance athlete life for many, amplified by the fact that there is seldom a quick diagnosis of cause, nor an easy solution for most.  The whole area of cramping tends to be an ‘experiment of one’ -- with plenty of conflicting or shaky research, interesting concepts and ideas that emerge, and different preventions and remedies that work for some athletes, yet fail for others.  We still cannot definitively establish what causes cramps -- and many of the anecdotal preventions and fixes to cramping could as easily be attributed to the all-powerful placebo effect as they could be the effectiveness of the intervention.

This episode is outlined from a collation of conversations with passionate experts in the field, review of existing literature, as well as coaching observations and review. 

Matt takes a deep dive on:

  • The Causes and Types of Cramps

  • Ten Contributing Factors that May Lead to Cramps

  • How to Mitigate the Risk of Developing Cramps in Training and Racing

  • What to Do If and When They Occur

It is a complex subject without an opportunity for definitive cause or prevention, but as with the rest of your performance, maintaining positive habits and a fit n’ fresh mindset is your best path toward mitigating the risk of occurrence.

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