Episode 23: Lars Tandrup -Using an Athletic Mindset to Overcome Trauma


What do you do when you’ve lost everything? How do you start to rebuild? This conversation with new Purple Patch athlete, Lars Tandrup, is a story about performance and emerging from tragedy. It’s not about race performance, per se, but a lesson of how stress and adversity can be a catalyst for human growth, development and adaptation.

Last year, Lars and his wife lost everything in the wildfires of Santa Rosa, forcing him to shift his lens on what is truly important in life. He focused on not falling into a victim mentality, but instead, to separate his reactions from the emotions he was feeling.

The result? An overwhelming sense of gratitude enveloped him and a new opportunity to grow and develop emerged. “It’s when we struggle that there’s an opportunity to find clarity and solutions,” he says. 

What has he learned?

Life is about meaningful relationships and being of service to others.

It’s also about defining what truly matters in your growth and happiness and, as he says,“We have been given the gift and opportunity to rebuild our life and that’s an interesting and liberating experience. A burden has been lifted.”

 An athletic mindset really can help you emerge from life's worst tragedies and Lars is proof positive that mindset is everything.