Episode 77: Chelsea Sodaro - Your 2019 IRONMAN 70.3 Santa Rosa Champion


photo credit: HiggyBaby Photography

Chelsea Sodaro was born to be an athlete. Both parents competed in triathlon and Chelsea also remembers her Dad training for the Boston Marathon!

With energy like that in your life, how could you not love sport?! And she did. Chelsea fell in love with running, which took her through college at Cal Berkeley along with a post-collegiate professional running career.

She may be a superhuman on the track, but she is also very human, having suffered frustrating injuries and setbacks that kept her from having the running career that she truly desired.

But, just like the rest of us, she was inspired by the 2016 Rio Olympic triathlon. She loved watching the build-up to that race and decided to give the sport a go knowing it would provide a new outlet for athletics and beneficial cross-training.

Today, she’s just a couple of years into her professional career and in the process of writing history. Chelsea landed on the podium in both of her 70.3 races in 2018, including an overall win at Indian Wells 70.3. 

She opens up with Matt today on her past and the valuable lessons that triathlon has brought into her life. She also discusses:

  • Her Key Ingredients for Successful Training

  • Non-negotiable habits in her life

  • The Value of Good Coaching on her career

  • Advice on Searching for the Right Coach

  • Highlights of Attending Camp

  • Rookie Mistakes at Races 

And finally, Chelsea shares what success in the sport of triathlon will look like for her.

Her answer may surprise you. Or maybe not. It is an intimate coaching moment with Matt that resonates across all performance levels. 

Best of luck, Chelsea. Your Purple Patch fans are cheering for your continued success!

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