Episode 39: Gerry Rodrigues of Tower 26 - Part 1


Did you know that Gerry Rodrigues coached Matt Dixon in swimming when Matt was a professional triathlete? Their relationship and mutual respect span decades - as does their knowledge of the sport.  

Of course, this isn't a typical conversation about swim form and technique. This is a deep dive with two triathlon experts through their lens of performance and coaching. 

In part one of this two-part series, they reminisce about each other's careers and how coaching and training have changed, especially for the multisport athlete.

In addition to great stories, they discuss:

  • Gerry's swim career and race memories

  • Open water race tactics and strategy advice

  • Components that have facilitated the success of Tower 26

  • The importance of nailing the basics 

  • Athlete development, the lure of lofty aspirations, and why coach hopping is detrimental to success

  • The role of a coach and collaboration between coach and athlete

In part two, they'll discuss the future of the sport. Stay tuned!

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