Episode 34: Matt Dixon Answers Athletes' Burning Questions


This week, Matt goes into the weeds with his first official "Athlete Q&A" Episode dedicated solely to recent questions from real athletes.

He covers off a variety of topics including:

  1. Maintaining Strength in the heart of your racing season

  2. What Bike to Use in Training - Do you always need to practice on you Time Trial Bike? Matt investigates the use and benefits of mountain and road bikes in your training

  3. Fueling in Races and that dreaded bloating. What causes it and how can you avoid it?

  4. Vacation Blues - This question is centered around the panic of an athlete who finds himself without a bike for six days! Will everything fall off the rails? How do you compensate for holidays and travel?

  5. Equipment and Wheel Choice - Tri geeks will love this one as Matt answers a question on race wheel choices and decisions around this technical aspect of racing.