Episode 60: The Power of Post-Workout Fueling


Are you chronically underfed and over stressed? Most time-starved athletes are. In the context of our busy lives, the vast majority of us tend to undercut our calories relative to our training demands. Unfortunately, the cost of doing so is immense.

A random approach to nutrition and fueling leads to athletes who are frustrated with energy fluctuations, a lack of portion control, and lower training consistency. This confusion often leads to trying new things and falling prey to the latest eating evangelism.

In this episode. Matt shares his thoughts on post-workout fueling with Purple Patch athlete case studies. In each, these athletes have adopted certain eating habits that, inherently, aren’t bad, but can (and do) lead to decreased performance when not executed properly.

Through these examples, Matt outlines his quick tips on how to time your meals relative to the time of day you train, what types of foods to eat before and after training sessions, and warning signs to heed if you are struggling.

Ultimately, you want your nutrition and fueling to be anchored around pragmatism and repeatable habits.