Episode 6: The Emerging Purple Patch Pros


You know it's going to be a good episode when Coach Matt Dixon refers to it as the "Brainiac Pro Edition!" Sonia Bracegirdle, Cecilia Davis-Hayes, and Laurence Delisle are the antithesis of what you might stereotype as a typical professional athlete.

Yes, all three are brand new pro athletes starting their journey to world-class, but they have already excelled in many other areas of life. Collectively, their academic, business and sporting accomplishments make up a body of work that is highly impressive even from the loftiest set of standards.

In this roundtable discussion from their recent training camp, they discuss the:

  • Personal reasons why they are pursuing this journey of professional sport

  • Benefits and challenges of being a high-achieving individual

  • Important roles that sports played in their academic and business careers

  • Delicate balance of work, school, and training

  • Value of coaches and mentors in school and training

  • Overcoming fears and intimidation as an emerging pro

  • Definitions of success

...and so much more!

Their perspective and experiences certainly provide a wealth of insight and inspiration for anyone who is on a quest for self-improvement.

Enjoy this conversation with three women who Matt Dixon calls, "Complete Endurance Sports Assassins."