Episode 10: Recovery - Your Key to Improved Performance


Athletes often think of recovery as a weakness or liability to their training. We see the hours that the competition appears to be logging and feel compelled to match or even beat it. Unfortunately, our barometer of success is often a simple accumulation of training hours without regard to the quality of those hours or what we do in between. If we do give a thought to recovery, it's usually in the form of a rest day or a little foam rolling after a tough session. But, is this true recovery? Are we really allowing our body to adapt to the training stress? 

In this jam-packed episode full of triathlon history and personal stories, Matt defines recovery and teaches you how to integrate it into your training roadmap. It shouldn't merely be an afterthought, as it often is.

You'll Learn:

  • How Matt earned the title of "The Recovery Coach"

  • The story of Ironman Champion, Chris Lieto, and how Matt adapted his training to integrate real recovery during his 2008-2009 season, ultimately leading to a 2nd place Finish at the Ironman World Championships

  • The story of "Becky," a Purple Patch age-group athlete, who, like most of us, balance jobs, family, and other obligations. How did Matt integrate recovery into her schedule?

  • Three Components of Recovery - Sport Specific RecoveryLifestyle Recovery, Qualitative Recovery Modalities

  • How you can incorporate these three forms of recovery into your plan. 

  • Other valuable recovery resources from experts and authors

  • The Word of the Week: Sweat (It's not always a good thing)

Recovery is key at any level of competition and it shouldn’t be an afterthought in the large scope of your training.