Episode 53: Creating a Culture to Thrive


Today is, by request, an extension on the discussion around Episode 51, The Art of Coaching and Being Coached. It’s an expansive discussion into management and leadership within a corporate setting.

There are many parallels between performance within a set of world-class athletes and performance within business teams. Your mission, as an effective coach or leader, is to create sustained performance and long-term buy-in from your team.

In order to do this, you first have to create an effective performance model for you, the leader. You see, you can only create a powerful team if you've set up great performance and rejuvenation habits for yourself. 

The second part is setting up a framework and culture to allow all to thrive. As a leader and manager, you are a coach and how you set up your performance culture will ultimately determine your effectiveness.

This episode illustrates traits of effective leadership by drawing those parallels between coaching and management as it relates to:

  • North Star Goals

  • Short-Term Goals

  • Nailing the Basics

  • Feedback and Accountability

  • Empowerment

When you successfully facilitate an intentional focus of action and empower the team members to understand their role as it relates to North Star goals, you have indeed created a culture to thrive.

THIS is effective coaching and, yes, effective team management.


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