Episode 20: Functional Strength - Your Critical Performance Partner


In previous episodes, Matt has discussed Endurance Planning, Nutrition and Recovery. Today, he dives deep into the Fourth Pillar of Performance: Functional Strength and its role within the scope of endurance activity.

He tells the story of Purple Patch athlete, Jenny, a 46-year-old veteran triathlete who is struggling with a performance plateau. After absorbing the “whys” and “hows” of a year-round functional strength routine and incorporating it into her training schedule, you guessed it, Jenny busts through her plateaus and starts to see gains - not just in performance, but in overall health, posture, and performance confidence.

This critical performance partner incorporates mobility, stability, and strength to improve the movements necessary for sports-specific performance gains.

In addition to the case study of Jenny, Matt also outlines the headline news and many benefits of functional strength including:

  1. Increased movement synchronization and coordination

  2. A Development platform for biomechanics and improved form

  3. Improved athleticism

  4. Enhanced injury prevention

He also introduces the Purple Patch Methodology of Functional Strength - The Seven Families of Human Movement and several exercises that go along with these patterns of movement. 

The good news for a time-starved athlete? These movements require minimal time and equipment - 15 to 30 minutes, a couple of times a week in your home, gym, or even at the hotel.

Functional strength will improve your overall athleticism and allow you to "connect the dots" so that you can apply it in your sport-specific training!