Chelsea Sodaro



Current Location: Marin County, CA 

Hometown: Davis, CA

How did you get your start in triathlon?
After a disappointing Olympic Trials on the track in 2016, I was searching for my next challenge. I'd been injured a lot of that year, and had been following women's triathlon in the build up to Rio. I was purely a triathlon fan. I was fascinated with the dynamic racing that triathlon demands, and my husband told me that he thought I could be a good triathlete. Initially I laughed, but I became increasingly obsessed with the idea. He got me a bike and I fell in love with cycling. I grew up swimming so I had some background in the water. Dave Scott is actually a family friend and I asked him if he thought I should give triathlon a shot! I quickly joined a pro squad and started racing on the ITU circuit in 2017.”

Education and Career

University of California, Berkeley 

Athletic Highlights

  • NCAA All-American

  • USA National Champion (Road 10K, Indoor 5K)

  • 2017 USA ITU National Champion

  • 2018 Huatulco World Cup Champion 

Hobbies or Pursuits Outside of Triathlon

“I have do some occasional freelance writing for running and triathlon publications. I'm currently involved with Transition Four, a triathlon media company that aims to portray the beautiful and fun aspects of our sport. Our overall mission is to "Share the Stoke" and give a glimpse into the lives of professional triathletes.” 

Support Crew

“My husband, Steve, has championed me as an athlete since I was a twenty-year-old, injured collegiate distance runner! He's an incredible athlete in his own right. He was an All-American steeple-chaser and a 3:59 miler, but he's always prioritized my athletic career. Our Boxer dog, Tyson, is an excellent snuggler between training sessions.”

Why Purple Patch?

“I sought out Matt after the biggest win of my triathlon career. I had just had a breakthrough, but I wasn't happy with my process and approach to the sport. Matt and I are equally committed to world class performance -- and I believe that Matt is the coach that will help me reach my goal to become the best in the world. But Matt also has a long-term approach, and doesn't compromise on doing things the right way. He's committed to performance, but also to having some fun along the way. Purple Patch Fitness enables me to enjoy the journey of pursuing excellence -- and I believe that this is the optimal way to get the best out of myself. I'm inspired and energized my teammates who show up for 5:30 swim and early bike sessions. I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to be a small part of the PPF crew. I am already in awe of all of the people in our community who have embraced my journey and who show up for me. I hope that I am able to do the same.”