Episode 25: Traits of Highly Talented People


How do you define talent?

Is it a combination of physical traits that allows an advantage over competitors? Is it God-given innate talent and gifts given to the rare few that allow potential to meet performance? Are people just born with talent, while the rest of us have no hope?

Matt dissects this idea of “talent” in today’s episode and what he has learned by working with some of the best endurance athletes in the world, as well as many CEOs and business leaders.

All of them are gifted, yes, but the talent to create greatness goes well beyond their mathematical skills or the size of their lungs.

Quite simply, talented people, and the ability to be great over a long period of time, are fueled by the optimal use of their gifts. They convert potential into performance with longevity.

This is where real talent lies.

The greatest performers in sport, business, and life have similar aligned traits that facilitate greatness, and these traits are the key ingredients in a recipe that enable them to stay in the high-achieving performance zone as long as possible.

What are these traits? What is the magic recipe? Matt goes into depth so that you, too, can learn what talent means to in order to enhance or improve your own performance journey.

You're in control of maximizing your performance potential.

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