Episode 54: Cecilia Davis-Hayes: Balancing Professional Triathlon and Med School


This week, it's the story of a time-starved athlete, but not just any time-starved athlete. Cecilia Davis-Hayes is heading into Residency in her fourth year of Medical School at Columbia University and, at the same time, is still competing at the top level of professional triathlon. She is, quite possibly, the most inspiring athlete on the Purple Patch Pro Squad. 

  • How did she discover a love for the sport?

  • Why was Matt Dixon and Purple Patch Fitness a good match for her needs as a med student and pro triathlete?

  • How does she successfully balance the many priorities of training and school?

  • What advice does she have for time-starved individuals who also seek success outside of their jobs?

CDH is, quite simply, an assassin of effectiveness in both sport and life. We're fortunate to have her on the squad.

To learn more about CDH, follow her: 

Cecilia's Website