Episode 48: Become an Assassin of Effectiveness


It’s hard to argue with the concept that you will get more out of a project, workout, meeting, or book if you are fully immersed and focused in the endeavor. Being distracted or having your mind elsewhere is hardly a logical path to success and we are all susceptible to becoming distracted, especially with all the competing demands that our big lives tend to bring.

For most of us, the buy-in for presence and focus is there, but the mind is often polluted. Diluting focus will NOT increase productivity in work or sport.

This episode will empower focus in both work and sport with specific strategies to arm you for success. Adopting this game plan will open up a pathway to presence and create a positive impact for maximum effectiveness.


“Presence is effectiveness and effectiveness leads to capacity.”

Bad habits simply create bad output and the only way to create capacity and to execute high-quality work is to become an assassin of effectiveness.