Episode 16: Kyla Channell - Optimizing Hydration for Performance and Daily Life

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This episode wraps up our in-depth discussion of both Nutrition and Fueling. If you missed previous episodes on this important Pillar of Performance, we encourage you to go back and listen to Episodes 11 and 12 on Nutrition and Episode 14 on Hydration. Today, we welcome back Purple Patch Fitness Resident Nutritionist, Kyla Channell, for a deep, granular and specific look at hydration, both in performance and in our daily lives.

We all know hydration is important to our vitality and performance, but do we really know why? In this episode, Matt and Kyla discuss:

  • The roles of hydration and electrolytes in training and racing

  • Consequences and signs of dehydration

  • Levels at which dehydration where performance declines

  • Points of confusion around dehydration

  • Why you want to keep your hydration and fueling separate

  • What causes cramps? Do we really know?

  • Rules of thumb for electrolyte intake

  • Fueling ratios for races at different distances

  • Actions to take during a race if you start to feel dehydrated

  • The vital role of water in daily life

  • How much water you should consume daily

  • Drinks you should avoid in your daily life

Matt and Kyla give a lot of specific advice, but don't worry about taking notes! We've created a cheat sheet with many of the tips and numbers they share on both nutrition and hydration. Download that free cheat sheet here! Just enter your address and, within a few minutes, you'll receive an email with a link to the content. 

Also, if you'd like to learn more about your specific needs, consider a comprehensive nutrition consultation with Kyla. She works with athletes all over the world in both daily nutrition as well as race fueling.