Episode 24: Erin Taylor - Integrating Yoga into Endurance Sports


Matt takes a deep dive today with Erin Taylor, founder and head coach of Jasyoga, yoga by athletes, for athletes. Taylor is an international leader in yoga for athletes, and architect of the only yoga for athletes platform on-line. She’s also an author of two book: Work In and Hit Reset.

Integrating Yoga into endurance sports goes well-beyond simply attending a weekly 60-minute yoga class or 90-minute hot yoga session. Performance yoga, like Jasyoga, is a key tool in your approach to maximizing your individual performance no matter what level you are.

It truly creates an integrated athletic mindset by:

-Maximizing Recovery

-Increasing Sports Specific Mobility

-Improving Performance

Enjoy this insightful episode and learn how just five minutes a day of performance yoga can make a positive impact on your training and racing. 

Erin Taylor's Books: