Episode 7: Carmel Galvin - Athletic Mindset to Overcome Fears and Create Success


Matt dives deep with Carmel Galvin, CHRO of Glassdoor, about integrating high performance, training, and community into a time-starved life. 

In Part One of this conversation, Matt and Carmel talk about the evolving work culture of today's generation. There is an undeniable connection between work performance and life. Who you are outside of work is who you are at your job. Galvin discusses how companies like Glassdoor are prioritizing a company culture that enables optimized health, which ultimately produces very loyal employees.

Part Two chronicles Carmel's personal performance journey and how multisport training has helped her thrive as a Business Executive, Wife, and Mom. It's inspirational and full of personal moments of overcoming her own deep-rooted fears, obstacles, and getting up, quite literally, when you get knocked down.

While she may not be an elite-level athlete, she is, as Matt says, the epitome of high performance because of the way she fully integrates sport into her life.

This one is a gem packed with practical takeaways for both employers, employees, and individuals who seek optimized health in a time-starved life.