Episode 4: Planning Your Endurance Training Season


Matt discusses the first Purple Patch Pillar of Performance:  Endurance.  He covers everything from how to set up your week, execute your training effectively, and consistently nail the basics. 

You will hear why the focus of your training should be to achieve the necessary volume in order to receive positive adaptations, but still avoid accumulated fatigue. As he says in this episode, "If training becomes a monkey on your back, you will rip the monkey off."

So, how exactly do you set up your training so that it doesn't become a burdensome monkey on your back? Take a listen to find out.

Highlights include:

  • Word of the Week:  Tea -Learn why and how tea can counteract your afternoon slump

  • Mind shift from a preconceived number of training hours to planning with the available hours you do have

  • Developing "Always, Often and Sometimes" training blocks

  • Practical strategies to plan your endurance training so it is sustainable

  • Weekly and annual planning while considering sleep, nutrition, family, and work

  • Executing your planned training and how to prioritize sessions 

  • Sunday Special: planning your week ahead so you hit Monday in execution mode

  • Nailing the basic six habits and traits that are going to enable you to nail success