Training Management

Life is not a spreadsheet.  We have developed the Squad programming to be flexible and scalable to synchronize with the unpredictability of life commitments and stress. The Squad programming puts you in control of your training schedule and allows you to navigate your progression around the demands of life.

  • Move the performance needle.  Your weekly training sessions are designated in priority to ensure you understand the purpose and goal of each session and are equipped to hit the key sessions in each week.

  • Click and drag your workouts to fit your life.  Using the Today’s Plan click-and-drag workout feature, you can easily manage your training schedule and load to align with life’s changing commitments and schedule.

  • Manage your training load.  Every workout has integrated options and coaching direction to reduce training load, without losing the purpose of the session, if you are time-starved or navigating fatigue. Or maybe you need more?  Not a worry, it is easy to add training load by adding optional supporting workouts from your training library of workouts.

  • Ride your bike inside or outside. To suit your available time, the key bike workouts include options for both outdoor and indoor trainer-based riding.

  • Your training is at your finger tips.  Keep track of training via your desktop, training app, or daily email workout reminders.