How Squad works

Join us for your triathlon training. We promise that you will become an improved and more empowered athlete by working with us.   

We are committed to an athlete-first mindset and constantly review our methodology and approach to investigate how to evolve and improve our services and the results we achieve.  We are always on the hunt for better and more efficient integration of tools and technology to bring our methodology to life and serve you better.

As such, we have some exciting news! Following extensive research and detailed planning, including many conversations with current Purple Patch athletes, we are launching a new program called Purple Patch Squad.

The mission of the Purple Patch Squad is to deliver the same high quality, multi-sport programming with increased flexibility while maximizing what we hold dear: education, community, athlete empowerment, and ongoing support.   

You can join the Squad at any time, in any phase of your training, and all phases include:

Purple Patch Squad Programming Highlights

  • New Training Platform:  Training workouts will be delivered via Today’s Plan, which is the same platform Purple Patch professional and individually coached athletes utilize.

  • Daily Training:  Your baseline training program will align with the key sessions of the San Francisco based Purple Patch training squad led by Matt Dixon.  The workouts include:

  • Weekly Training:  Adjustable programming. You will be able to easily click and drag workouts to align with your life schedule, as well as delete workouts and add additional supporting workouts as needed. Purple Patch Squad will allow you to simply and easily integrate your multi-sport training into your time-starved life.

  • Race Preparation:  The Squad program includes unlimited 8-12 week Race Build plans that guide you day by day into your key races.  These plans are easily applied in Today’s Plan and include the same tutorials, education, and structure as the regular squad sessions you will follow for the rest of the season.

  • Workouts that Sync with Your Favorite Gadgets and Apps:  You have been asking for years, and it’s finally here!   Nearly every bike and run session can be synchronized to your Garmin (and other watches), as well as third-party apps such as Zwift, Wahoo, Trainerroad, etc.  On the apps that allow, you will see coaching cues from Matt Dixon infused with his witty and unique “Dixon-ary” comments.

  • Smarter Training - Understand the WHY in Training: Your workouts will include a detailed ‘how to’ video explaining the meaning behind the workout, how to best execute the workout, as well as individually prescribed heart rate and power zones.  We also add instructions in text form and other supporting videos to ensure you execute as intended. You can then auto upload power and pace files to Today’s Plan and maintain your own journal of review with subjective commentary.

  • Purple Patch Pillars of Performance Tracking: In Today’s Plan will you will be able to track your progression, training load, sessions completed, as well sleep metrics and subjective mood metrics. All of this data will improve your awareness of your global performance.



We don’t want to just deliver training, we want you to become empowered and smarter around all aspects of performance.  Our embedded education includes:

  • Your own home-base resource page to help you with smart training decisions, training management and educational resources for all aspects of the Squad.

  • Meetings with Matt: Educational sessions led by Matt Dixon, around all aspects of performance and training including a chance for Q and A with Matt.

  • Office Hours:  Join a twice-weekly video meeting with the Purple Patch coaches and your teammates to ask any question about your training, performance and your plan.

  • Education Library:  We filter the noise of all the misinformation in performance, and deliver valid and in-depth video and written education in every performance subject, curated for your benefit.

  • Integrated education:  Your daily training and programming include education around each workout, but also timely guidance as you lead into races or shift phases of training

  • Training Camps:  As a Squad member you will have early access to register for our training camps.



Connect with like-minded athletes:

  • Private Facebook Page:

  • Private Purple Patch Forum: only discussion boards focusing on the workouts, performance, race reviews and meetups.

  • Race Center:  Link up with other Purple Patch athletes in the same events as you, learn from others experience at races and arrive at your key events empowered by the experience of all at Purple Patch.

  • Race Meet Ups:  The Purple Patch coaches will be present at many of the larger events over the course of the season -- and will be hosting social and educational events for all Squad athletes.

We don’t see the Squad as a chase for a single event, but a chance to become a part of something special.  Your best performance will arise out consistent, progressive work over time.  


Upcoming SQUAD Events

With only a little over 8 weeks since joining Purple Patch, I was able to not only met my goal time but also
set a new PR by 8 minutes.
— Ted, Purple Patch Athlete